CircuiTikZ TeX/LaTeX package for drawing circuits

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Welcome to Circuitikz

The latest stable release of this package is available on CTAN or as a GitHub release. When a release is recent, please allow a couple of days for CTAN mirrors to synchronize.

If you want to use the development version, you can download the git-version, which tracks the master branch:

Released versions

If you encounter problems with the current version, you can use the following files as a compatibility fallback (if a release is missing, it is because it had a clear bug). Just copy the file to your local tex-project folder and change the package to \usepackage[]{circuitikzgit} (use the appropriate options). The currently used circuitikz version can be shown using the command \pgfcircversion.

If needed, copy also the style files you use (since version 0.9.4)